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Sam’s Story

It all started when I was 2, I started to see different things in the walls. Life went away and strange creatures would come out of the walls and play with me.  I did not know their names but they knew me.

There was a lot of cold winters when I could go play with them.

They were greater in number and form around Christmas.

When I slept I would have dreams of magical worlds, powers and little people.  The dreams are still with me. In my waking life I have been experiencing similar stats of power and magic but nonoe have appreciated me and hate has been applied to me for even thinking about my dreams.

  Then it got bad.  I was at home working on m y computer whenI had an illusionary experience and the sky turned red, purple, green, blue halos around objects and I kind of freaked out.  My Mom called the police.

    They took me to the BHU.  there they gave me something like a little orange pill.

 The math headache came back.

   I would just get really tired and pass out like blacking out from booze but from the pills and the doctors and a lot of torment of me.

I cried a lot about it in my loneliness.

  There were a lot of questions I had about medications that could help me with math.  Math was important for some reason, more than other subjects but all gibberish.

    It just hurt my head so I never did homework.  I just played with my chemistry set and my electronics kit instead.

  I loved reading books.

   I am a man who had to fight for my rights and my freedoms.  They called me 5150 a danger to myself or others like I was some kind of mistake or a disease.  So I went to a priest and asked him about Satan and he told me that Satan was not a God. I knew the road ahead would not be easy.  

​    Nowadays somethings are improving.  I will maintain my honor. There are some who can help me.