MHCAN of Santa Cruz

Mental Health Client Action Network

The *ONLY* Mental Health PEER RUN Organization

in Santa Cruz County, California 


I grew up rich but my parents hate me and are embarassed by me.  I was hit by a car when I was a kid and I was never the same.

  I have been 5150ed in a hospital.  And I left SART and I was in a hotel room and then I had no support or family or friends to help me.  I was mentally losing my mind then.  I could not think right and I was very scared and afraid.  So I went to the hospital and then the BHU and they medicated me with medication.

   I hear off the wall stories about myself.  This other time they wouldn't let me on the bus.  Then one night I was stabbed in the back.  And I was partying the whole day pissed off I was stabbed then this cop at Days Market says to me Go Home Roger You Are Drunk!  ANd I ran my mouth so out of camera range this one deputy jumped on my back over nad over until they said I was stabbed-