​​​MHCAN of Santa Cruz

Mental Health Client Action Network

1051 Cayuga 831-469-0462

The Only Mental Health Peer-Run Organization

in Santa Cruz, CA


In the year 1999 I was living with my girlfriend in the Santa Cruz Mountains...

I got high on Meth, anxious and confused so I called 911 to protect myself.  

I was tricked by voices.  

I was and am diagnosed with schizophrenia.  

I have two daughters I have not seen since they were small.

 I was an electrician. I worked full time.

I was going to jump off the bridge and the police stopped me.

While I was in isolation I tried several ways to commit suicide.  

I was eventually given a wheelchair.

This was one of the darkest places of my life.  

To be institutionalized and treated like a

number instead of a person.