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My Life Story    

                   by Linda

​My life began here in Santa Cruz,

California where I was born.  From an

early age I have suffered severe

traumas.  At 4 years of age a neighbor

molested me.  3 months later my father

murdered the man.  6 months later I

was playing with a girl that lived down

the street and her parents molested me.

 At 6 years old my brother started to

beat me up, this lasted for ten years.

    At age 9 years old my father tried to

molest me and 3 months later he was


            Also at age 9 my mother's

sister kidnapped me.  At age twelve my

mother told me that I was born half

male/half female and that I was

mistake never meant to be born.

  At 13 I started to cu t on myself.

 Also at age 13 I was gang raped in

San Francisco.  

   AT age 16 I had my first

hospitalization and breakdown.

   At 17 years old I started to date

hoping to find someone to love me.

 Sadly, I never found love.

At age 23 I got married but all I got

from my husband was abuse.  

From 23 years old on I was in and out

of many hospitals.  

    AT age 48 I am on the right

medications and live in my own apartment

and am doing well.  

Thank you for reading about me.