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Mental Health Client Action Network

The *ONLY* Mental Health PEER RUN Organization

in Santa Cruz County, California 


I don't want to be homeless anymore

It hurts my soul to the very core

I'm just like any other guy

and it's not my fault that rents are high.

I don't rob and I don't steal

and all I'm asking for is a fair deal-

a sturdy roof over my head-

to be dry and warm in a real bed

so I can get some sleep at night

and wake up rested with the morning light

instead of trying to find a safe place to camp

and trying to sleep when it's cold and damp.

I need a place where I can shower

and go to bed at a decent hour

a place where I can cook hot food

That would sure put me in a better mood.

I'm willing to work, full or part time

to earn a living because I'm not into crime.

i;m not lazy and don't call me crazy

I'm a human being just like you

and I have the same basic neds, too.

Don't look down on me because I'm poor.

I'm doing my best to endure.

I'm doing everything I can to cope.

I will never ever give up hope.

If you know someone who would hire me

that would do so much to inspire me

to help me reach my urgent goal-

a place of my own, to warm my soul.

by M.