MHCAN of Santa Cruz

Mental Health Client Action Network

​The *ONLY* Mental Health PEER RUN Organization

in Santa Cruz County, California 


I have been labelled 5150 the first time I

was taken to the Santa Cruz county jail

20 years ago.  

   I was a young girl then just barely out of my teens.

   I had been out to a party one night.  I

think someone slipped me a Mickey in

my drink.  I walked from Portola all the

way to downtown Santa Cruz.  My

family drove around looking for me all

night long.

When I arrived home they were waiting

for me in the living room.  I spoke to

everyone and went straight to y

bedroom.  There I started to trip out and

I threw my purse up in the air and it hit

the window and broke it.

The next morning my mother discovered

the broken window and called the Santa

CRuz police.  I jumped in the shower and

put on a black karate gee.  When I came

out of the bathroom a policeman was

waiting for me in the livingroom.  My

mother told the police man she thought I

sued drugs the night before.  He pushed

me down on the couch and said he

wanted to talk to me.

   I immediately pushed the policeman

back and we started to roll around on the

floor.  I am not sure what happened but I

ended up with his baton.  When I gave

him the baton back he choked me.  That

was my 5150.