MHCAN of Santa Cruz

Mental Health Client Action Network

​​​​2016 Mental Health Client Action Network Board

Board members have work experience in teaching and office management, finance and marketing, technology and analytics; advanced degrees in law and philosophy; skills in the arts and counseling; a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses and interventions; a focus on healing and wholeness; are diverse across age, gender, sexual orientation, disability and race; range from native Californians to Massachusetts imports; and have in common a strong sense of accountability to each other and to MHCAN, and to responsible engagement in the Santa Cruz community.

Verna Carter; Phil Caylor; Stew Chapman; Gina Cole; James Morrissey;  Melvee Fillipini, Treasurer; Thomas Webb, Secretary; Sylvia Caras, Vice Chair; Steve Pleich, Chair.

Elected May, 2016

Vacancy filled June, 2016